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Thursday, July 30, 2009

What IS Bernanke Afraid Of?

I literally applauded after this speech by Ron Paul (see video below). And I am sitting in my bedroom right now, all by myself. It's that good. And it's that important.

Go Ron Paul!

Go H.R. 1207. AUDIT THE FED!!

Note especially the part of this speech (at about the 4 minute mark on the video), where Dr. Paul notes that: (1) ordinary Americans (the "people") support H.R. 1207 and WANT the Congress to audit the Federal Reserve [See Note 1 below], and (2) it is the Federal Reserve itself, and Wall Street's big banks and powerful financial interests (i.e., the very groups that created the Fed in the first place AND the very groups that have received trillions of bailout dollars in the past eighteen months after they devastated the economy) are vehemently opposed to H.R. 1207.

Then Dr. Paul asks: which group best represents the public's interests?

To ask this question is to answer it.

Note 1: Poll: 75% of Americans want Federal Reserve audit


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