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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Another Letter to Senator John Cornyn

So I saw on the news that the U.S. Senate is planning to pass a version of the bailout that will include a bunch of tax cuts because this is intended to tempt enough of the House Republicans who voted no to the bailout on Monday to vote yes because they want the tax cuts more than they are scared to vote no on the bailout.

I hope this plan doesn't work.

And in any event, it did give me a chance to fire off a follow-up message to my Senators. For your pleasure, my follow-up note to Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn (pictured below - he's the one to the left of Vice President Cheney) follows. Again, I'm sure this note will make the difference.

Senator Cornyn:

I am a registered Republican voter living in Texas.

I saw a report on the news Sept. 30 that the Senate may vote on a modified "bailout" proposal on the night of Oct 1. So I am sending you this message as a follow-up to the message I sent you over the weekend to let you know that I hope you are planning to oppose any "bailout" of the banks, etc.

As I indicated in that other message, the two primary reasons I am against the bailout are (1) it won't work -- which is to say, it will not generally improve conditions for Americans and instead will almost certainly make conditions generally much worse for Americans (except for the bankers who stand to receive the windfall and be "bailed out" of the consequences of the bad investment decisions they made over several years) and (2) it is immoral -- which is to say, a bailout would be a massive forced redistribution of wealth from regular taxpayers to bankers and redistribution of wealth by force is akin to (the same as) theft. Congressman Ron Paul can explain item (1) by the way, if you are not already convinced that it is accurate.

To put it bluntly - in my opinion, a vote for the bailout is an attack on the value of the U.S. dollar and a vote to reduce/diminish the standard of living of ordinary Americans.

Please also be assured that I am not in the least persuaded by any of the doom and gloom talk flowing so freely from the mouths of people pushing for the bailout. I am not at all afraid of what will happen to "the economy" if the banks are not bailed out. On the contrary, I very much AM afraid of what will happen to "the economy" (and ordinary Americans) if the banks ARE bailed out.

This is because socialism doesn't work. Nationalization of businesses that made bad investments does not prevent the losses those bad investments deserve.

In any event, if the measure comes to a vote in the Senate, I hope you vote against it. And I will check to see whether you voted in support of the measure or against it.

As I indicated in my message this weekend, this is a "make or break" item for me in terms of supporting your next candidacy for Senate.

Thank you for your time and for your service.



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