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Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Wine For Your Weekend: Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Even though I failed to find the droids I was looking for before Thanksgiving, I did find a highly-regarded white I'd been looking for for some time -- Sauvignon Blanc from Spy Valley, New Zealand. And I had a few thoughts to share about it ...

I don't know if it is the weather, or what but I am really enjoying some white wine lately. I bought this bottle online for around 11.99. I see that it is selling anywhere from 11.99 to 18.99. It has 13% alcohol, and sports a screw cap. After having a few bottles with cork closures leak all over the inside of my fridge, I'm appreciating the screw cap. The back of the bottle contains some words that appear in this order:

After pressing, all parcels were tank fermented at warm temperatures. The wines were then aged on yeast lees for four months prior to blending and bottling. The bouquet exhibits passion fruit and ripe melon with underlying herbal notes and hints of mineral/flint. Pure fruit flavors shine through on the palate, the lees aging as provided weight, interest and balance.

Now, I must admit that sometimes I read where a wine says it has all these flavors in the bouquet and I think to myself 'yeah right'. This one is different though. The nose on this bottle of wine is one of the more uncanny noses that I have enjoyed in some time. It is huge. I could sit on my deck and watch the sun set and just smell this wine it is that good. The nose explodes with muskmelon, kiwi and guava and cantaloupe. It is like sticking your face in a giant bowl of fruit salad. In the mouth it is bright and cheery and fruity with some salty wet stone action on the back end. Nice acidity, it is balanced and crisp and clean on the finish.
I can't think of a better wine to enjoy at the end of the day, in fact I'll be hitting some of this as soon as 5:00 starts rolling in. Cue up some Sam Beam and let it ride. If you are in the neighborhood stop on by for a pour.


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