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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reflections on Site Build It - Part 1

Since January, I have been a paid subscriber to Site Build It ("SBI"), a product that has (according to its promotional materials) delivered a lot of value to a lot of small e-business owners who run a lot of successful websites.

(Click here for some SBI Case Studies.)

I haven't accomplished anything SBI-related lo these many months. But I'm back at it again right now. Working through the "Action Guide" this evening. And thinking more clearly about these matters (I think) than I did this spring when last I tried.

Here's today's reflection ...

According to Day 1 of the Action Guide, the "C"in SBI's C-T-P-M stands for "Create In-Demand Content." This spring that didn't mean much to me. I believed SBI that the "C" was important and accurately thought through (I believed it on authority). But I didn't understand why the "C" is important and accurately thought through. Tonight I think I do:
  • if you are creating in-demand content, you are creating information people want.
This is important because one HUGE mistake that I understand lots of sales folks make is they try to sell customers the product that they have to sell instead of trying to figure out what product their customers want and delivering (selling) that product. The former is backwards. Shortsighted. Doomed.

So I was right to believe SBI. Ken Evoy knows what he is doing.


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