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Thursday, January 31, 2008

On Last Night's CNN Republican Candidate Presentation Show - Part 1

I'm not about to call CNN's Republican Presidential candidate presentation show a "debate" because if you take a look at the video below (a collection of the few moments in the debate where Ron Paul speaks), it looks to me more like McCain and Romney and Anderson Cooper were intentionally and deliberately trying NOT to debate the fundamental issues at hand.

Check it out.

Regarding Anderson Cooper's culpability for preventing the occurrence of a real "debate" ... at the 1 minute 55 second point (1:55) of this video, as Dr. Paul is asking to have a chance to address the question of conservative vs. liberal because when the topic originally came up, he was not invited to comment, Anderson tells Dr. Paul:
  • COOPER: We're going to have -- I promise you we're going to have -- you're going to have another opportunity to do that. I promise you, coming up in like two minutes or two questions.
But Anderson wasn't true to his word. Anderson didn't keep his promise.

Dr. Paul was never invited to (or permitted to) address that topic.


Here's the transcript of the candidate presentation show from CNN itself:


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