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Friday, January 18, 2008

On Prognostications - Part 1

Robert Prechter has written a book called Conquer the Crash (cover below).

In it he predicts various disasters, including crushing losses for anyone who (1) owns equity securities in companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges; (2) owns real estate in the U.S. secured by dollar-denominated indebtedness; (3) has deposited money in a checking or savings account in a financial institution located in the United States; and (4) other normal people. It's quite gloomy.

Also, I was exaggerating. Slightly.

Anyway, today that book's Amazon Sales Rank is approximately 87,000.

If it's Amazon Sales Rank ever gets below 5,000, it will be time to buy stocks.

I can't think of a better signal than that for the contrarian investor.


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