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Thursday, September 22, 2005

It Keeps Going and Going and Going ...

... but car batteries sometimes don't.

Went out to try to find an open store that would be willing to sell me a cooler. Failed. All major grocery stores and big-box discount retailers in the neighborhood closed their doors earlier today. I did find one small (non-branded) drugstore that was open. But they didn't have any coolers. They did have some other customers, however. And I overheard those stranded souls asking whether there were any batteries for sale. There weren't. But we have children and children own toys, so we own lots and lots of batteries. So I offered them some of our batteries. They followed me back to our house and I gave them some AA batteries. That's right - Energizers.

But then their car wouldn't start. I don't have any spare car batteries lying around. Luckily the lady's husband lives nearby. He came over, jumper cables in hand, and a few minutes later they were off.

I was just trying to keep up with my brother-in-law. Who earlier today rode his bicycle to a convenience store and met a guy who had been waiting in line for gas for hours only to have the station run out of gas right a few cars before it was his turn. The brother-in-law then invited the guy back to his house and was in the process of siphoning the gas out of one of his cars to give to the guy when I last talked to him. Now that's a good samaritan.


Blogger Truth Girl said...

by the way, i think you can blog via cell phone. or blackberry.

3:14 PM, September 22, 2005  
Blogger garrett said...

plan on it!

3:44 PM, September 22, 2005  
Blogger Truth Girl said...


4:10 PM, September 22, 2005  

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