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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Duck, Duck ... Poop

A thoughtful farm kid sent me this helpful link to an FAQ regarding bacteria in water. I'm sure you can't wait to read the rest of this entry after that introduction.

Anyway, I would like to call your attention to one bullet point in particular which gives this duck treasurer marginally significant pause.

  • QUESTION: How can local residents and visitors help keep bacteria out of surface waters?

  • ANSWER: Avoid feeding geese, ducks and seagulls. Bird feces can be a significant contributor to bacteria levels. High bird populations can compound the problem.

This is correct. It happens. Look at those little poopers (in the above picture) getting down to business. (The above picture was not taken in my backyard. Though I still treasure those ducklings.)


Blogger FLAMINGO1 said...

This post clearly belongs on the Poop blog.

Bacteria can be tasty and nutritions.

8:32 PM, October 25, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said poop.

8:03 AM, October 26, 2005  
Blogger Complete Game said...

Maybe ducks coined the phrase 'I need to drop the kids off at the lake' since that's where they go #2. I like to say 'I need to go take Tim to the bus stop' but it hasn't caught on yet.

Curt Hennig (Mr. Perfect) once pooped under the wrestling ring at a WWF event. He had to wait under there for hours before making his surprise appearance. Wonder what the roadies thought of that little find!

10:07 AM, October 26, 2005  
Blogger FLAMINGO1 said...

Conserve nature by participating in the brown trout catch-and-release program.

4:20 PM, October 26, 2005  

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