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Thursday, November 10, 2005

On Moments When Being At Work Is Pretty Much Just Fine

It's pretty much OK to be at work when ...

... your wife interrupts you during
a phone call to say that the
baby just pooped and
it is getting all
over the


Blogger FLAMINGO1 said...

Oh, shit.

4:37 PM, November 09, 2005  
Blogger garrett said...

No shit!

4:50 PM, November 09, 2005  
Blogger FLAMINGO1 said...

That kid is just like dad...full of shit.

5:25 PM, November 09, 2005  
Anonymous FD said...

Spear, will you be attending crusher's memorial?

5:44 PM, November 09, 2005  
Blogger FLAMINGO1 said...

I will. I loved that guy like a brother

8:22 PM, November 09, 2005  
Blogger PDD said...

Where's dongly shlonglord? His portrait makes me horny.

10:44 AM, November 10, 2005  
Blogger Dongley Shlongford said...

I'm here darling.

If the photo makes you horny, you should get a load of the real thing.

I've been off at a convention of Polynesian cartographers. I presented an interesting paper regarding the holy grail of Polynesian cartography: Indonesia.
Few cartographers will even dare to attempt such a map, what the breadth and scope that is Indonesia. That giant main island and scores and scores of smaller outlying islands. I am one of the few Polynesian cartographers known to regularly create breathtaking renderings of Indonesia. I'd just love to draw one for you.

5:31 PM, November 10, 2005  
Blogger FLAMINGO1 said...

more likely ON you.

11:38 PM, November 10, 2005  
Blogger PDD said...

Ding Dong Shlonglord, wouldn't it be more romantic if you sketched naked bodies... ON women?

10:43 AM, November 11, 2005  
Blogger Dongley Shlongford said...

That's generally the canvas, yes.
Women love to have maps of Polynesian island chains drawn on them. What else would a renowned cartographer like myself be drawing on?

Canadians. I think it is too cold up there for proper map making. You should visit Molokai.

12:38 PM, November 14, 2005  

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