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Thursday, May 17, 2007


I sure hope everyone watched the debate between the Republican presidential candidates on FOXNEWS a couple of days ago. And I sure hope most especially that everyone saw the part of the debate where Congressman Ron Paul presented his opinion that U.S. foreign policy - especially in the Middle East - was a "contributing factor" (his words) to 9/11 and terrorism generally against U.S. persons and interests. And I hope most everyone was alarmed/disgusted at Mayor Giuliani's assaultive and fraudulent response to those comments.

From my perspective there is one central point that is so key to the exchange. In my opinion, recognizing this point is critically important and also extremely helpful to understanding what is going on in modern political dialogue ... the U.S. government is not the U.S. citizenry. The people - John Q. Public and his nuclear family - are not the same, do not act the same, and are not motivated by the same forces as the government. The "people" are generally good. The government is generally (traditionally/customarily) bad.

A few of the writers I enjoy have published reports discussing the exchange, and both speak to this point.

Links follow.

Lew Rockwell Column

Some highlights from Lew's column (these address the issue I highlighted above):
  • The problem is that most of the American people simply have no idea what has been happening in the last ten years. Most Americans think that America the country is much like their own neighborhood: peaceful, happy, hard-working, law-abiding ... the problem is that the military wing of the U.S. government is very different from your neighborhood.
  • ... here is the point that libertarians have been trying to hammer home for many years: the US government is the enemy of the American people and their values. It is not peaceful, it is not friendly, it is not motivated by the Christian faith but rather power and imperial lust. (emphasis mine)
Jacob Hornberger Column

Check it out. Enjoy. Share your thoughts with me. Please.


Sunday, May 13, 2007


So FoxNews is hosting a debate at 9:oo EDT (8:00 CDT) this upcoming Tuesday, May 15, 2007. According to a blurb on I just read tonight, all ten of the current Republican candidates will participate, including the best man for the job -- Congressman Ron Paul.

According to Ron Paul's campaign, Ron Paul won the MSNBC Debate from back on May 3, 2007.

I couldn't find any coverage of the poll in any "mainstream media" sources, so that's both interesting and unfortunate (since of course I believe the poll and would like to have or somebody like that confirm they saw the results and thought the results were important enough to publicize/comment upon).

This might've been what they were referring to "Who Won, Who Lost" Poll. If so, it's great to see Dr. Paul getting significant pluralities of the votes on various important topics, but of course the MSNBC vote is not the same as a Zogby poll or something like that where they call out random people and ask them questions. With Dr. Paul's strong internet support (think it doesn't surprise me that he had a strong showing in an internet poll about the debate. Of course I'd expect him to do well in the Zogby too. Maybe there will be one after the FOXNEWS debate.



Thursday, May 03, 2007


Well, I'd never heard of this one, but I find it pretty amusing ... BENELUX.

I find myself wondering whether this is a joke played on world citizens by the editors of the Onion.