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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations - Part 1

So the other day we were shopping. And when we finished shopping we all headed out to our car to load up our purchases. And our children. Our youngest daughter (just turned three) has recently graduated -- at her request -- from riding in her stroller or the shopping cart. But there are rules. No playing in the parking lot. No running in the parking lot. That sort of thing.

On this occasion, our three-year old broke the rules. She darted around in a manner far more cavalier than the situation -- being in a parking lot -- required.

So I spoke to her about it.

Here is a transcript of our conversation (I am playing the part of "G"):

G: Are you sorry you broke the rules?
H: I'm very sorry.
G: What are you sorry for?
H: Breaking the rules
G: What rules did you break?
H: Playing in the parking lot.
G: Why is that a rule?
H: Because then I don't get ice cream.

It's so gratifying -- as a parent -- to see these lessons sink in and really take hold. With all the challenges parenting presents, moments like these -- when evidence of the depth of true understanding manifests -- are precious indeed.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Dr. Ron Paul's Manifesto - NOW AVAILABLE

Click here: Ron Paul's Manifesto - THE REVOLUTION and then click "Add to Cart" and then click "Check Out" and then when the book gets to wherever you asked Amazon to send it, read it. Then get prepared to implement its recommendations.

This is probably the most important book since Murray Rothbard's "For a New Liberty" ... although I haven't read it yet. My copy just arrived today ...

Here's to the long tail!

Monday, April 14, 2008

On Vegetable ...ophilias - Part 1

The scales fell away from my eyes this afternoon in the canned vegetable aisle of one of our local grocers. And I realized the merchants hawking canned peas are visiting an atrocity of perhaps epic proportions on shoppers. I haven't decided what action to recommend (boycott, something worse, etc.), but I did want to do my part to let both of the people who will visit this website in the next month or so now:

This affront to decency absolutely disgusts me. There are plenty of laws on the books against this victimizing of the young. It's bad enough the capitalist swine are profiting from the butchery inherent in the exploitation of vegetable cultivation. But to trade purely and shamelessly on the basis of age. It's appalling.

Take Le Seuer Vegetables first (a division of Green Giant). They go so far as to trumpet their revolting accomplishment with eerie pride: "'Very Young Small Sweet Peas' for sale." It's right there on the label, people!! Not only young peas, but very young and small.

Get 'em from those sickos first. But good luck making it past Saint Peter at the pearly gates if you do.

And Birds Eye Foods is even worse: they are selling "Baby Sweet Peas" ... my word.

All this leads me to wonder ... where is Stone Gossard when you need him?