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Saturday, February 23, 2008



In addition to his presidential campaign, Dr. Ron Paul is running for re-election to his seat in the House of Representatives. This billboard is up along the freeway around Texas City, Texas.

Dig it!

By the way, I noticed something interesting when I was looking at Ron Paul's website for his congressional re-election campaign ( Similar to his website for his presidential campaign, he has the "donation total" graph running when you first click on the page. According to the site, Dr. Paul has raised over $1 million in the past few weeks. And that's pretty interesting.

But even more interesting to me, the "Recent Donors" that the site shows are from all over the place.

Here's a few I saw today.

* Dylan Clark - Sugar Land, Texas
* Stephen Kuhn - Indianola, Iowa
* Stephen Chase - Devils Lake, North Dakota
* Donald Johnson - Erin, New York
* Kathleen Johnston - Reva, Virginia
* Myriam Lopez - Bronx, New York
* Paul Hewson - Mount Sinai, New York
* Michelle Bonnewell - Orcutt, California
* John Robertson - Knoxville, Tennessee
* Austa Wakily - San Francisco, California
* Joe Cross - Cleveland, Tennessee
* Lloyd Bird, Jr. - Atlanta, Georgia
* Peggy Erskine - Seattle, Washington
* Benjamin Truax - Schenectady, New York
* Gunter Perlwitz - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
* Maurice Lovell - Newark, New York
* Vernon Thorp - McCleary, Washington
* Erica Hopkins - Woodbridge, Virginia
* John Bubb - Fenton, Missouri
* Robert Lalanne - Colorado Springs, Colorado
* Lois Bravard - Springfield, Ohio

Then the list begins again ... I would be stunned if other congressional campaigns have similar breadth of contributions from such a diverse group of people from so many different places.

Freedom IS popular!!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.

(This is funny. And it would be really funny if it didn't hit quite so close to home....)