THIS BLOG IS MY BLOG. THIS BLOG IS MY BLOG. Welcome to the Home of Hyperopia.: September 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007


(YouTube sure makes it easy to update blogs these dayz.)

Rollin' ....

This broad made a western garment out of fruit roll-ups.

I didn't.

But I did just eat four of them in about thirty minutes. Two strawberry ones and two tropical tie-dye ones.


Friday, September 21, 2007


I am ecstatic. I am elated. I am beside myself.

Well, actually, in the photographs below I am beside a large-ish largemouth bass which I was thrilled to attract, hook, wrassle, net, capture and subdue yesterday afternoon on a lovely east Texas reservoir by the name of Sam Rayburn.

That lovely creature (not me, the fish) weighed just over six pounds and was a little over twenty-two inches long. Over ninety-six ounces of micropterus salmoides. It wanted to eat that shiny red crankbait that I'm (rudely) teasing it with in the snapshot. Or else maybe it just hated that shiny red crankbait. It attacked it anyway. In water that was more than fifteen feet deep.

Right after I set the hook, she came up and jumped and -- observing that if I could get it landed this would be by far the largest bass I'd ever caught -- I squealed out in what was far from a baritone: "Man, I hope I catch this bass." My dad and I (we were fishing together for his birthday) laughed about that for quite a while afterwards.

So, in summary ... all I can say is: Billy Manes, eat your heart out!

Oh, and one more time ... Happy Birthday, Dad!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jennies and Westerns

I've long been a fan of western novels and short stories. But mostly I've only read Elmore Leonard. For some reason, I've never read anything by Louis L'Amour. I intend to remedy that oversight in short order.

Part of what got me thinking about westerns and what led me to remembering that I've never read anything by Louis L'Amour and that I need to is this week I had lunch with some wonderful ranchers here in Texas.

They explained to me something quite fascinating: if you own a trip of goats, and if you have a problem with predators attacking and eating some of your goats, you can get a jenny (a female donkey), and the jenny will basically adopt the goats and guard them from predators. These ranchers told me that they had a lot of trouble with coyotes and/or bobcats killing their goats, but that after they got a jenny not even the family dog could get close to the goats (the jenny would attack it and run it off).

I like to learn.

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